Denton, TX 76209

Anthony Ramos – 2018 SNF Scholarship Award Recipient

High School Attended: Denton Ryan High School

College: North Texas

Major: Engineering

Anthony Ramos has spent his childhood and school-age years battling issues in his home life and watching his family struggle financially. He noticed even his family members who had two jobs had trouble with financial security because none of them had college degrees, and that limited their income.

The hardships of Anthony’s family life have been a blessing in disguise for him. While it didn’t make for the easiest childhood, it was in those difficult times Anthony recognized his knack for overcoming adversity.

“I always found a solution to any problem I was faced with,” Anthony said. That way of problem-solving was not limited to his family issues. He knew if he could problem-solve his way out of family issues, he could do the same in his schooling.

After long wondering whether he would continue into higher education after high school or immediately entering the workforce, he ultimately got serious about his school work and set his sights on studying in a field where problem-solving is key: engineering.

It was an introduction to engineering course freshman year at Denton Ryan High School that piqued Anthony’s interest in the subject. He researched biomedical engineering for a class assignment, and knew it was the field for him.

It’s a field not many people like him are working in. According to the National Science Foundation, Hispanics held only 6 percent of science and engineering jobs in 2015. Those odds aren’t stopping him.

“My past is my motivation,” he said. “I strive to never allow my children to endure the things I had to.”

Anthony currently works at Walmart to save up money for his tuition. He expects to do the same to fund his entire college career. He hopes receiving the SNF Scholarship Award is the start of reaching his goal of becoming a biomedical engineer and pursuing a career in cellular, tissue, and genetic engineering.

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