NTxGivingDay Series- What Really Happened?

What Really Happened?

I stood nervously with businessmen and businesswomen of Denton, Texas as we watched the gym floor seats fill with hundreds of Denton Ryan High School seniors. The bleachers were filled to capacity with all other grade-levels and family members of the seniors.
As students names get called to come and receive their scholarship awards, I start getting excited as if I'm playing a live game! The announcer starts reading off our bio as the President of SNF, Jackie Lawson, and I walk to the front of the stage to present our scholarship to our chosen winner. Out of the mega speakers, "Bud Sasser is presenting the first SasserNation Scholarship to... Jacquelyn Willis!" and the crowd starts going wild!
As if we weren't already pumped to award such an amazing young lady with our first scholarship award, it seemed as if every other student in that gym knew that she deserved to be one of the many names called that day! I couldn't help but compare the thrill and joy I felt at that very moment to the days of end-zone celebrations with my #MizzouMade football family. This was a moment that helped me understand the importance of teamwork, education, and leadership. Without those, I wouldn't be here today.

This lead me to wanting to truly help those students who sacrifice their time and other activities to better themselves from an educational standpoint. I want YOU to join us on our journey as we prepare to raise $20,000 to give not ONE but FOUR scholarship awards! By participating in this years North Texas Giving Day on September 14, 2017, you will help us fulfill our goal of $20,000!

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