Our Vision

SNF is entering the lives of young scholars at a pivotal time, ensuring that they are on the right track for successful futures. By providing a sense of purpose and caring for the character development of its participants, SNF is charting the path for a future of resiliency, maturity, and ambition.

Our Story

What sparked from just a fun family conversation about giving back to the community, a vision from Bud came about as well. "Why don't we start a foundation that actually gave the youth an opportunity to receive scholarships and give them a platform to play organized sports." As time went along, more and more research was done on starting a non-profit organization. Let's just say this organization wasn't built overnight. Now here we are, a couple of years later and handing out scholarships to our fellow Dentonites and pressing through the trials of a start-up organization!

Meet the Team

What's amazing here at SasserNation is how a group of people come together in unity to create and build a platform for the community to trust and believe in. Our volunteers passion for uplifting kids and getting them prepared for their future endeavors is unmatched! Check out our Founder and President below!


Bud Sasser

Founder & CEO


Jackie Lawson


Looking to partner with SasserNation?

In need of volunteer hours or just wanting to get involved in our community? Please join us on our quest of staying innovative and revolutionizing how nonprofits impact a city!