Denton, TX 76209

Sabrina Ramsey – 2019 SNF Scholarship Award Recipient

High School Attended: Denton Guyer High School

College: Texas Women’s University

Life isn’t always about winning every battle or counting all the victories you rack up. Sometimes it’s just about overcoming whatever adversity life has thrown at you and making it to the next day. It’s like March Madness: survive and advance. Having grown up without her biological mother in the picture, Sabrina Ramsey knows all about adversity. But there’s one part of her life that has helped her advance to the next day: dance.

Sabrina’s parents split up when she was young. After being separated from her father and living with her mother in Louisiana, she believed her father no longer wanted anything to do with her. That was not the case. Turns out, her father had been fighting to see her, but her mother wouldn’t allow it. Sabrina’s father got custody of her, she moved to Texas with him and his wife, and that’s when her life turned around.

Sabrina’s father showered her with the love and care a father should show. All the new emotions moved Sabrina to dance again. “When I dance, I forget about the pains of life,” Sabrina said. “And when I perform, I get to tell the crowd my story.” Dance is Sabrina’s love and passion. She hopes to keep it in her life forever, turning it into a career. After college, Sabrina hopes to become a professional dancer and open her own dance company, giving others the opportunity to foster their passion for dance, too.

In order to do that, Sabrina needs to go to college to further her skills. Due to illnesses plaguing her family, her father and step-mother are not in a position to cover the cost of college. She plans to use the SNF Scholarship to lighten the financial burden of making her dreams come true.

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