Denton, TX 76209

Jvonte Morris – 2019 SNF Scholarship Award Recipient

High School Attended: Braswell High School

College: Prairie View A&M

Major: Business Administration/Management

There were a lot of changes throughout Jvonte Morris’ childhood — new apartments, new schools, new friends, new cities. There was one thing that never changed, however: his love for sports.

Jvonte grew up with his mother in Flint, Michigan. The start to his education was not ideal. He went to a charter school and never liked it. He didn’t like the uniforms or the short amount of time they got for recess. He didn’t like the time school started or how he couldn’t talk during lunch. But by fourth grade, his view of school changed when his mother enrolled him in the public schooling system in Flint.

Jvonte’s grades immediately improved thanks to feeling loved by the teachers and making better friends with classmates. His life was steady for a few years. His dad moved from Flint to Nashville, Tennessee when he was just a toddler. He had grown used to going to Nashville in the summers to stay with his dad. But when Jvonte was in seventh grade, his dad moved to Dallas — another change.

When Jvonte went to visit his dad in Dallas, he immediately loved the city. When he headed back up to Michigan to start his eighth grade year, he started playing football. That turned out to be a great tool for him when he decided to move to Dallas with his father after his sophomore year of high school. Thanks to football, he was able to make new friends fast. He was doing well in school and really enjoying the business classes he was taking. That’s what led him to pursuing a career in sports marketing.

Jvonte plans to use his SNF Scholarship money to jumpstart a career that mixes his love for sports with his interest in business management and administration. With his degree, he’ll be able to explore opportunities with sports teams and athletes in areas including communications, finance and brand strategy.

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