Denton, TX 76209

Kaylee Bragg – 2020 SNF Scholarship Award Recipient

High School Attended: Guyer High School

College: University of North Texas

Kaylee Bragg has a heart for service. She loves to volunteer in her community, helping those in need. A year ago, the tables were turned. Kaylee became the one in need, and a doctor filled the gap.

At the height of her tennis season, Kaylee nearly tore her Achilles tendon. As much as her tennis coach wanted to get her back on the court as quickly as possible, a doctor wouldn’t allow her to return to play until she made a full recovery. The reasoning was simple: The doctor was looking out for Kaylee’s health, not just now as a young athlete, but in the future, too. That kind of care is what led Kaylee to setting a goal of becoming a doctor — one that protects their patients’ health at all costs and does not back down from responsibility.

The daughter of educators who have their own costly medical conditions, Kaylee has grown up with a modest lifestyle. The road to becoming a doctor is a long and expensive one, and she hopes to take some of that burden off her parents.

Once a doctor, she hopes to focus her career on providing for underserved populations. She saw such an enormous need for physicians in these areas, and it aligns with one of her life principles: service above self. She has the drive, inspiration, and strength inside herself to make it happen. Now, the SasserNation Foundation Scholarship will help her with the financial need.

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